Specialists in human resources selection and consulting

From our offices in Barcelona, Spain we carry out the selection of personnel for a wide variety of functions including Marketing, Digital & Ecommerce, Sales, Logistics-Purchasing, Finance & Legal, Engineering & Technical, Human Resources and Retail. We offer services to all types of companies, from SMEs, start-ups to large corporations focusing on very specific profiles, middle management and executive search.

Individual staff recruitment

Each specific job profile requires a different dialogue and evaluation. Lectus Recruitment adjusts its approach to the recruitment process according to the corresponding required professional profile.

All recruitment processes are performed with the highest levels of professionalism and objectivity. We conduct competency-based interviews to assess not only the technical or functional level required for the position, but also for competency taking into account the individuals motivations for change and the fit into the company’s culture. We always assess a candidate’s suitability for each position as a whole.

We guarantee confidentiality at all times and work under rigorous quality control standards while at the same time offering agility and speed in the presentation of employment applications.

We leverage social networks to attract passive candidates and provide a fresh, dynamic and innovative approach to recruitment.

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Large group recruitment

We particpate in large recruitment processes in the incorporation of a high volume of recruits.

We design large scale selection processes, focused on identifying and selecting a large number of candidates, using a specific methodology and facilitating a rapid response to the client.

In the large projects, we can participate in specific phases of the recruitment process, whether it be the initial phase of preselection of a shortlist of candidates or the evaluation phase of candidates provided by the company.

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Assessment Centers

We design assessments centers customized for the profile and competences wished to be evaluated.

Through group dynamics we evaluate each participant, starting with his/her interactions with the rest of the group, arguments and behaviour adopted in each situation.

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Outplacement Services

Geared towards companies that are experiencing mergers, aquisitions and reestructuring who see themselves obliged to reduce personnel.

Our job is to facilitate the re-entry of these professionals into the job market, assisting them in the process of readaptation and redefinition of their professional objectives.

We do this by means of an evaluation of their skills in a way which is customized to each professional.

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We determine a remuneration system by means of an analysis of the market, composed of fix salary + variable in addition to other benefits, from the specified figures requested by the client.

Our knowledge of the market permits us to elaborate various types of analysis regarding organizational structures, responsibilities and categories.

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