Communication is key to ensuring success

  1. earch for information on the company, industry and competition.
  2. Meeting with the client to comment on the profile, define the requirements and skills.
  3. Establish a schedule of timelines and workflow methodology.
  4. Create a job description (provided by the company client)
  • Publication on the company’s website
  • Publication on primary job web portals
  • Publication and dissemination on carefully selected social networks.
  • Active searching to attract passive and active candidates.
  • Phone Interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews.
  • Technical or languages tests (if required)
  • Psychometric tests (if required)
  • Screening and evaluating references from final candidates.
  • Collective selection of the best final candidate along with advice on the terms of employment agreement.
  • Follow-up with company or individual to review performance after the candidates first 30 days of continuous employment.

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